Welcome, Jon Akland

 Studio-e is pleased to introduce our newest staff member, senior designer Jon Akland. Jon started his career working with economist and writer Jeremy Rifkin as director of research for two nonfiction international bestsellers. Since then, he's occupied diverse roles in marketing and design. As in-house designer and creative director at the Boston Society of Architects, Jon led the internal creative staff and partnered with a number of design studios in the Boston area.

What and/or who are some of your design influences?
Lately, I am most drawn to editorially-engaged design practitioners who cross disciplines, like Mandy Brown, Peter Biľak, and MGMT. I'm particularly interested in independent magazine publishing. I enjoyed a long affiliation with the avant-garde jazz magazine Signal to Noise, and I served as an associate editor and publisher of ArchitectureBoston magazine, which received a design award in Print's 2012 Regional Design Annual.

What are some of your favorite recent projects?
I led a redesign of the Rotch Traveling Scholarship's identity and website a couple years ago, which I enjoyed for its scope and the success of the process; we had a great team, a great client, and the work turned out well. Earlier this year I completed a naming and brand development project for Mission Bureau, a just-launched strategic consultancy serving nonprofit organizations. I was pleased to be invited to participate at such an early stage of a promising venture.

Do you have a favorite website?
I read the New York Times daily, a tiny slice at a time. 

Do you cook? What's your favorite recipe and/or dish?
My wife is an amazing cook, so that part of my brain has mostly shriveled up and died. But I do have a couple specialties: taco night (one pound ground beef, one jar salsa, one can tomato paste, one can kidney beans, chili powder, cumin, paprika; served over crushed tortilla chips) and homemade pizza. My kids love 'em.

What else you got?
When not at work, I'm a lapsed musician, an occasional homebrewer, and father to two young kids. My wife and I own a 99-year-old house in Melrose, Massachusetts. Oh, and I'm a whiz with the snowblower.


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