September round-up: The latest buzz

Students have invaded campus once again, and another school year is back in full swing. Though many aspects may look and feel the same—the campus building that still isn’t complete, the electric energy and hope of a new year, the fresh faces of incoming students—as someone who works in education, you understand better than most how rapidly things change.

To ease you into the fall, we’ve scoured the Internet and blogosphere to find out what your peers are buzzing about as they say goodbye to those relaxing summer months and usher in 2010–2011.

What Is It About 20-Somethings?
Will the current generation of students further delay the threshold into adulthood? Adrienne Waldo at Ask a Millenial weighs in on the August New York Times Magazine article, “What Is It About 20-Somethings?” Learn more about the kinds of students you’re now recruiting.

Higher Ed Live
Seth Odell, who works in higher ed media relations, has launched a live weekly web show focused on the emerging role of social media and digital media marketing in higher education, broadcasting every Sunday at 7 p.m. EST. Each week’s episode will feature exclusive interviews with web and marketing professionals from colleges and universities across the country.

E-Expectations Report
In July, Noel-Levitz released its 2010 E-Expectations Report: “Focusing Your E-Recruitment Efforts to Meet the Expectations of College-Bound Students.” Based on the findings of its survey of 1,000 college-bound students, Noel-Levitz recommends the following: (1) Recognize that your website is your #1 recruitment marketing tool; (2) Make content on academics and cost easy to find; (3) Consider setting up your own private social networking site, and more.

Index of Higher Education Fundraising Performance
In its 2010 report, Target Analytics found that in 2009, donor rates continued to erode. The company recommends: (1) recommitting significant resources to recapture lapsed donors; (2) refreshing the case for support with more compelling messages and a sense of urgency; (3) educating young alumni, who view their education as a financial transaction rather than a transformational experience and are less inclined to give.

Marketing Offline: Still important
At PR-Squared, Todd Defren discusses a recent report by the Keller Faye Group, revealing that less than 10% of word-of-mouth conversations happen online. He writes, “More rational and experienced marketers understand that social media marketing was only ever meant to be additive, not a replacement for their ‘traditional’ approaches.” This is true for marketers at colleges, universities and independent schools as well.

Campus Tours
On her Graduate/Professional School Marketing blog, Davina Y. Gould outlines the “Dos and Don’ts of Building a Great Virtual Tour,” which, she argues are more important now than ever, due to the economy.

An in-person tour is just as important, according to a Washington Monthly article: “Research shows that nothing influences a student’s decision about where to apply and enroll as much as the visit,” and “recently, many colleges have turned the traditional tour into a more intimate, more elaborate event.”

We want to know: As you embark on a brand new year, what education-related topics are you thinking and talking about?

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