Our new year’s resolutions

This year, I asked the studio-e team to compile some resolutions, one personal and one professional. Though there was a bit of (good-natured) grumbling, we all pulled through—and quite nicely.

So, without further ado, we give you the official studio-e new year’s resolutions (plus one hope). Happy 2010!


professional: Comment, interact and involve myself on blogs related to our clients’ needs; add my voice to the ongoing conversation.

personal: Leave a smaller carbon footprint, ride my bike to work more and compost.


professional: Sketch off the computer more to avoid getting stuck on an idea. Take a step back from my work more often to focus on the big picture, rather than details, when I’m coming up with ideas. Read more design- or communications-related books to help me see the problems I encounter from another perspective.

personal: Do one creative thing every day to help me get back on track to making work (outside of work-work), which will help jump-start my Etsy shop! It’s been horribly neglected in the past eight months or so. Do one more thing outside every week (and no, walking to the bus doesn’t count) to help me become more active overall. 


professional & personal: My new year’s resolution is to marry Chiwetel Ejiofor.


professional: I plan to further my understanding of design trends and developments particularly in the education field by reading magazines and blogs, through a greater involvement in the design community in Boston, and by speaking with individuals in the field.

personal: I plan to read to my daughter every night.


professional: To continue learning as much as I can about the ins and outs of marketing, both through experience with more projects and schools, and through reading—articles, blog posts, books (I will finish Made to Stick!). I’d also like to learn more about SEO, and use that knowledge to help advance studio-e’s website. My hope for the new year: At least one comment on our blog.

personal: I use the word “should” too much. I should do more writing. This is deadly. I plan to stop using that word in the hopes that I’ll quit my “shoulding” and just start doing. I also want to (not should) cut down on my sugar intake. Even if it’s just eliminating a piece of chocolate from my diet each week.

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