Blue pig campaign

As we’ve discussed, it’s extremely important to cultivate alumni donors while they’re still students. Michael Stoner outlines a perfect example of a highly creative, highly successful annual fund appeal: Emory’s Blue Pig Campaign.

He explains:

This year was the second year for Emory’s Blue Pig Campaign. When the Class of 2011 entered the university, they were given a blue plastic piggy bank, with messages about the importance of giving even small amounts to Emory. The Class of 2012 received their own pigs when they arrived on campus. And this year, Emory’s Annual Fund staff created an integrated campaign to reinforce the value of giving—and having fun while doing it.

The integrated campaign involved T-shirts, a Facebook page, a Twitter page, and a “pignapping” that requested a ransom (in the form of donations).

The results have been staggering. According to a May 2009 Chronicle of Philanthropy article, since adopting the pig as the class campaign mascot:

  • the annual fund saw a 157-percent increase in the number of gifts from undergraduates
  • the total amount collected from undergraduates during the first seven months of the fiscal year reached $12,915, compared with $682 raised during the same period last year

Think creatively about how your institution can spice up your annual fund campaign. What might you do to increase awareness and engage students from day one?

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