A new low can also mean a new outlook

Earlier this week, Studio-e sent out a follow-up postcard to its CASE conference theme, materials and contest. We hope you received it and, better yet, read it (or scanned it; we’d be okay with that, too).

While we are indeed choosing humor over gloom and optimism over pessimism, we do know that your budgets are being trimmed and tightened. All of our current clients, from small boarding schools to large, nationally-recognized universities, have had their budgets squeezed or cut, and are looking for ways to keep costs low.

We understand this and are working with our clients to find creative solutions—without diminishing the quality or effectiveness of the communications that we create for them. Get in touch with us and let’s talk about what we can do for you and your institution, even amidst a catastrophic financial storm of epic proportions.

In the meantime, enjoy the top 10 economy-related phrases we selected from our contest entries:

  • Negative growth
  • You took TARP money
  • We’ll be coming out of this one long before official statistics say so
  • Toxic assets
  • Bear market rally
  • We will have transparency
  • Shovel-ready
  • From Wall Street to Main Street
  • My 401K is now my 201K
  • Flat is the new up
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