It only takes a few

By Julie Bogart

I was a dork in high school. (Some might say I still am.) By that I mean I wasn’t one of the popular kids. I didn’t have a massive group of followers; I never attended (or even knew about) the big parties; and I spent more time at the library than at the mall. I did, however, have a small, loyal group of friends, people whom I spent most, if not all, of my time with in one way or another.

I learned at an early age, then—sometimes by choice, sometimes as a result of genetics and the cruelty of adolescence—that when it comes to relationships, quality is always better than quantity.

What holds true in life often holds true in business. (If you don’t believe me, go on an interview and a first date. They’re the same.) In a well written blog post on the mStoner website, Michael Stoner dismisses the notion of popularity in business and in online social networking, opting instead for relationships that will actually last, and in a meaningful way.

After providing numerous examples that support his “Popularity is a Dubious Metric” argument, he writes:

Aggregate numbers just aren’t that important, at least to our clients, who aren’t Pampers or Brittany Spears or American Idol. The much more important metric is a measure of smart or effective or influential. And to begin to understand these qualities, it’s necessary to look beyond mere numbers and think about purpose, audience, and reach, among other factors. Only then can you determine if something is delivering the results you want and need.

Studio-e created our blog with two goals in mind: (1) to provide purposeful and helpful information—articles, thoughts, links—for our client base and (2) to express our personality, so that we may strengthen our relationships with current clients and build relationships with new ones. So much of what we do here is relationship-based. Knowing who we are—and that who we are entails understanding the needs of our clients—will benefit all of our future working relationships.

Studio-e’s blog is in its beginning stages. Regardless of how our readership develops, as I’ve learned throughout my life, a small group of loyal readers (friends) can provide exactly what you need—and then some.

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