Earth Day

Because Studio-e is committed to both the community and the environment—doing our small part to protect the planet—we would be remiss if we didn’t say something about Earth Day, which happens to be today.

Fast facts about Earth Day:

  • Earth Day is observed in 175 countries and is the largest secular modern day holiday in the world.

  • More than 20 million Americans participated in this first Earth Day celebration in 1970.

  • Earth Day Networks estimates that 500 million people from 4,500 organizations in 180 countries will participate in Earth Day events during the month of April.

Fast facts about energy consumption:

  • More than one-third of all energy is used by people at home.

  • The energy we save when we recycle one glass bottle is enough to light a traditional light bulb for four hours.

  • The average person creates 4.5 pounds of trash every day, almost twice the amount of trash that the average person generated daily in 1960.

  • Making a can from recycled aluminum uses 95 percent less energy than creating one from scratch. About five billion aluminum cans are used each year.

  • Making a ton of paper from recycled stock saves up to 17 trees and uses 50 percent less water than making paper from virgin fiber.

  • The 500 million automobiles on earth burn an average of 2 gallons of fuel a day.

  • Every year in the United States, billions of batteries are thrown away. This constitutes 88 percent of the mercury and 54 percent of the cadmium deposited into our landfills.

A few easy things that you can do to protect the environment:

  • Educate yourself: Reduce, reuse, recycle.

  • Recycle: cartons, cans, bottles, paper.

  • Go green at home: use organic cleaning products, detergents and energy-efficient light bulbs. In the kitchen, minimize leftovers.

  • Support green organizations and companies that contribute in some way to helping the environment.

  • Drive less; use public transportation, walk or bike.

  • Use an economically friendly, reusable bag when you shop.

Things that studio-e does to protect the environment:

  • Use recycled paper when possible, and soy-based inks.

  • Only print what we need, even if less costs more per unit.

  • Turn off our computers at night.

  • Liz bikes to work when possible.

  • Jess takes the train and walks to work every day.

  • Half of the studio is vegetarian, and the other half eats vegetarian lunches most days.

  • Participate in a CSA.

  • Support environment-oriented nonprofits and programs.

Today, take some time to not only appreciate the world in which we live, but to also consider the small (and big) things we can all do to hold onto it.


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