A little planning goes a long way

Studio-e has blogged before about the importance of market strategy and planning. Before you add a blog to your website or create a Twitter page, you have to think it through. What are your goals? Who are you trying to reach? And, perhaps most importantly, how will all of your marketing pieces (blog, website, direct mail) fit together to create one cohesive message about your institution?

In his most recent higher education "link of the week," Bob Johnson discusses another aspect of brand/message cohesiveness: post-click marketing.

He visited 10 URLs of some of the colleges and universities that advertised in the April New York Times Education Life section; he wanted to find out whether or not they followed up their ads with a related component on their sites. In other words, did their websites reinforce what they were advertising? Did they make it easy for people who responded to the ad to find the information they wanted, the information advertised?

Nine out of the 10 schools viewed did not. They simply referred people to their home pages. One school, however, City University, “got it right.” When visiting the summer program page on the university’s site, Bob says, “People know immediately that they have arrived at the right place on the website.” As a result, “Bounce rates will fall.” Additionally, “Visitors don't have to puzzle out the school's navigation system to get to the content that inspired the first visit,” which means that “conversion rates will increase.”

Before you send out a postcard or an ad, strategize. How will all of your marketing pieces complement and support one another? Make your message as clear and strong as it can possibly be.

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