Studio-e’s continual quest for knowledge

Though we’re a hard-working bunch, the folks at Studio-e do succumb to the occasional distraction. We tend to ask a lot of questions, and one diversion typically leads to another, prompting an Internet search.


Did you see Bruce Springsteen perform at the Super Bowl last night?

Yeah, he was good. But I kept worrying that he was going to throw his back out.

How old is he, anyway?

He’s gotta be in his 60s, right?

Or at least close to it.

Really? That old?

Well, he was big in the 80s, and he wasn’t a spring chicken then.

Yeah, I guess.

And so on (yes, all of our discussions are this thrilling). Until, finally, we stop speculating and look up the answer. (The Boss will indeed turn 60 this year.)

Since this kind of conversation happens often at Studio-e, from here on out we will share the random facts we uncover with all of you. Because everyone should know how old Bruce Springsteen is.

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