Volatile long-term financial tsunami

Every time you turn on the news these days it’s nothing but doom, gloom and more doom. This is why Studio-e is providing CASE District I Conference attendees with the chance to vent—and find some humor in all the gloom.

What fundraising phrase drives you up a wall? Conference participants can share their phrases with studio-e at our booth, #516. These phrases will enter attendees in a drawing to win a Kindle, on which they can read about something other than the current global crisis. After the conference, studio-e will compile the best, worst and most annoying phrases—to embrace, avoid or burn.

CASE District I Conference
Westin Boston Waterfront
March 9–11, 2009

To get the ball rolling, Studio-e has compiled a list of what we consider to be the top 10 over-used phrases in a poor economy [insert drum roll]:

  1. Now more than ever

  2. In these tough economic times

  3. Weather the economic storm

  4. Even more critical

  5. In this volatile climate

  6. The economic forecast

  7. In today’s economy

  8. Do more with less

  9. With charitable giving at an all-time low

  10. Long-term financial tsunami

Add to our list. What economy-related phrases make you want to scream?