More to learn from Mr. President: Empower the people

People are still marveling at the incredibly well branded campaign of Barack Obama. In today’s issue of Advertising Age, Michael Learmonth adds his two cents to the discussion.

Points of interest:

  • “They made online the central nervous system for their organization; smart brands are going to start doing this,” said Pete Snyder, co-founder and CEO of New Media Strategies. “The ripple effect of this will be felt for years to come.”

  • “Our guiding philosophy was to build online tools to help people self-organize and then get out of their way,” said Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, who joined the campaign to help it use the tool to organize younger voters. “The technology was more a means of empowering people to do what they were interested in doing in the first place.”

The questions for colleges and universities, then, is how to empower your donors. How can you use all of the tools at your disposal to engage your donors in such a way that they want to help your institution reach its goals?

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