Obama’s recent public relations barrage

While we’re on the subject of Obama and his brilliantly branded campaign, an article in today’s issue of Advertising Age is worth mentioning.

In “Is the President’s PR Barrage Working?” Michael Bush discusses the way in which Obama has recently used every media outlet at his disposal to pitch his economic agenda.

“In the past few weeks,” he writes, “the president, along with his wife, Michelle, have easily been on more magazine covers and done more TV and newspaper interviews than Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears combined.”

“The guy’s using every tool in the communications toolbox at a time when it’s necessary,” says Michael Feldman, founder of the Glover Park Group, a Washington-based communications-strategy firm. “The administration is not painting by the numbers on this one. This is an aggressive all-out push, and he’s trying to reach people not just where they work or where they normally consume information but where they live.”

While Feldman doesn’t know for sure if it’s working, he “gets a sense that it is.”

Beyond the campaign, Obama continues to get the maximum reach possible by speaking to all audiences within their own domains (like his interviews on The Tonight Show and 60 Minutes).

Special Olympics jokes aside, his marketing technique is one that we can all learn and benefit from.

Below is Obama’s recent appearance on The Tonight Show.