Doing more with less?

Do more with less. How many times have you heard that phrase in the last few months? Ever stop to think about what it really means?

In his Advertising Age article, “I Don’t Believe in Doing More With Less,” Phil Johnson rejects this over-used expression, challenging our industry to “deliver effective campaigns in more flexible and innovative ways than ever before.”

He writes, “I'd like to reframe the expression. Rather than doing more with less, let's find ways to deliver excellent value that people can afford. When someone tells us they have 20% less money, that's not necessarily bad news. We just need to think of a new approach and a new way of working so that our clients get inspired marketing and we make a profit.”

Johnson goes on to discuss the hundreds of new communications channels—video, blogs, Twitter, etc.—encouraging us to “help clients navigate the complexity of these new channels.”

“If we're truly doing our job,” he writes, “the question of doing more with less should never come up. Clients should ask for and expect great work.”

Studio-e wants to know: How have you had to reframe the way you think about marketing?