The sounds of Studio-e

Here at Studio-e, we like our music. Every morning, Jess turns on her iPod, and the tunes carry us through to the end of the day. Our musical tastes verge on the eclectic, and we’re willing to listen to just about anything (at least once).

Of course, we all have our favorites. If Lynn’s having a rough day, for example, we know that all we have to do is put on the Steve Miller Band. She calls it guaranteed happiness. Jess prefers the Magnetic Fields, while Liz enjoys the classics — Dylan, Johnny Cash and Chet Baker, to name a few. Julie, meanwhile, has a weakness for cheesy 80s pop; her heart belongs to Madonna. And when our marketing consultant, Bill, drops by, he throws his iPod into the mix, with playlists that include a variety of musicians, from Janet Jackson to Sia to Coldplay to Peter Cetera.

To give you a sampling of the kind of music that fuels our creativity, below are the next 10 shuffled songs on our iPod:

Girl on the Wing – The Shins
Godan Daginn – Sigur Ros
Now Mary – The White Stripes
My Name is Jonas – Weezer
Treehouse Song – Nina Nastasia
Mehndi/Madhorama Pencha – Monsoon Wedding Soundtrack
Far Away Eyes – The Rolling Stones
Like Dylan in the Movies – Belle & Sebastian
Wait Till You See Her – Ella Fitzgerald
Sing It Again – Beck

What kind of music do you listen to when you’re working?

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