Birthday week

It’s birthday week here at studio-e. Three out of the four full-time staff members are turning another year older: Julie (2/23), Lynn (2/24) and Jessica (2/27). (We will refrain from revealing their ages.) Thus far, we’ve celebrated with local specialties—flowers, cupcakes, lemon cookies, and, on Friday, Indian food.

What does it mean that three-fourths of Studio-e’s employees are Pisces? Here’s what some reliable Internet sources have to say on the matter: 

Pisces prefer jobs that allow for freedom of expression, and offer frequent changes and adaptations; the workplace must feel comfortable, have a pleasant atmosphere in a flexible space, and be brightly colored. A Pisces employee must work in a place where there’s an outlet for either human understanding or creative imagination. When happy, Pisces are loyal workers, and will get the job done, though few people may understand how they operate.

It’s no wonder that so many fish work at Studio-e.

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